I Destroy Everything I Touch

by Victor Furious

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Emil Morris
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Emil Morris Lo-Fi and crude loud rock n' roll! I stumbled on this album by accident and it turns out to be great! I hope to hear more from this guy! Favorite track: The Closer To The Bone.
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All Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals Both Fore And Background
by Victor Furious

i am not one to go on and on about how inspired i was
by this or that or what my influences are
or how i am so very terribly unique, handsome and humble.
who am i kidding?

i want rock & roll.

if you have questions, comments or just
want to know things about me and this
just write me.

i do hope you are entertained...


released June 22, 2016

All Songs Written By Victor Furious
Recorded, Produced, Mixed and "Mastered" By Victor Furious
All Artwork and Design by Victor Furious

I Destroy Everything I Touch Album Review


all songs ©2016 mr. balboa music



all rights reserved


Victor Furious Orlando, Florida

welcome to it.

you can find more of some of my artwork in the link below and feel free to write with any questions or comments. i will respond, probably.

share this music with everyone you know if you are so inclined.
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Track Name: The Very Thought Of You
Bloodshot eyes all over again.
a fifth, a bag, a quarter in hand
my mind, your curves
i don't understand
why say the words if i'll be damned
let's try this over again.

you and you alone could make a gypsy of me

agamemnon's crying again
his fair sweet love was murdered and then
i'd weep for you if you were dead
but you can't have my number yet
let's try this over again

you and you alone could make a gypsy of me

so i'll fall in love
Track Name: Oh, Please Do
all praise
all hail to you today
you moved inside me in the sweetest way
and nothing's felt this good
i guess i got a bit more than i should
hold me close i won't let you get away

reverse roles as puppet and man
all i can say: i am this way

oh god
no one's ever been this speed
you don't take
you just give me what i need
and sometimes i don't understand
i never felt this way about no
man i love it when you drop me to my knees

everybody sing, "hallelujah!"

all praise, all hail to you today
you moved my hips in the sweetest way
and nothing's felt as good
as all this loving that's misunderstood
please hold me close don't let me get away
Track Name: The Still-Beating Heart Of A Child
i'd like to think
there's something here for me
let's grab a drink
hallucinations don't come free
i hope I sink my teeth into the sweet veins of these boys
they're counting 1, 2, 3

listen to the sound of the children playing
can't even hear a word they're saying
but oh, my god, how entertaining
listen to the sound

i've stayed for what?
a half an hour so it seems
i tell you what
i'm gonna have some pleasant dreams
and think
we thought we were wasting money
look, muscles bursting at the seams

listen to the sound of the children playing
Track Name: The Closer To The Bone
you're dripping with desire
but i don't want it
i've got other plans for you

hey good lookin'
where you going?
got a sweet piece of meat for you
cooked so clean it falls off the bone
i know you want it
taste the marrow
i crave the taste of your hot flesh

your sweat mixed with blood is wine to me

down to business now
slide your clothes to the ground
run my hand down your spine
we'll lose track of time
and i'll spread you open wide
you'll love it
you will cry
i can't stop 'til i kill all of my lovers one by one

your tears mixed with sex is life to me
Track Name: To: Wit
no words are needed for a sing-along
no, no
not even this
sing along

baby, baby we were just
interested and curious
baby we were just bored

i must confess
you'll be impressed
sing along
a v-i-c-t-o-r-f-u-r-i-o-u-s sing-along

baby i am just interested and curious
baby, i am just bored
Track Name: The Great And Sudden Division
blood moon can you mix up a solution?
Jim Christ please breathe him to life
once and only once got blown to bits
and all i did was be polite

dies irae, dies illa
solvet saeclum in favilla
need you fighting next to me
i do

i played
i played for days for weeks
for months for years
and only you remain in memories
oh so confused
what people will and won't
and should and don't
and can't accept for free

dies irae, dies illa
solvet saeclum in favilla
brother, admit agony
i do

say something
something else
threaten my very health
believe it brother
surmise: an avid lover
devise replies

Meine Ruh' ist hin,
Mein Herz ist schwer;
Ich finde sie nimmer
Und nimmermehr.

dies irae, dies illa
no one sees the things i do